malcolm macdougall

Mal loves people and is innately curious about what makes them tick. He graduated from Duke University and was a documentary photographer. Captivated by people and their stories, he traveled extensively before settling in New York.  As an advertising creative director and film director, his work has taken him across geographies and industries.  For corporate leaders, great conversations can become powerful communications. Mal has the knack for making people comfortable and  as a result, they respond genuinely, in their own voice. Although he prepares for interviews, he never asks pre-prepared questions. Instead, he has a conversation which leads to a more natural dialog and allows for exploration into places that would have otherwise been missed. Not all of his interviews are with CEO's and celebrities. In fact, of the thousands of interviews he has done, most are with employees across divisions and disciplines, stakeholders and clients— everyone who is connected to the product, service and experience that is being delivered. Once he has gathered the necessary ingredients, he weaves together a story built on the narrative of the interviews. Recently, Mal has been focused on innovation and the application of design thinking to major corporate initiatives. 

Mal is an active member of the DGA as a director and is also on the creative review board for The Partneship for a Drug- Free America. He and his wife Zizi have three "adult" children, live in Dobbs Ferry, NY and spend  time in the Adirondacks where they have an church that they have converted into an art center.( Keene Arts)